Complete Song (Music + Lyrics)

As I'm waiting for the stars to fall,I find me talking to myselfAnd my lonely heart is starting to heal,When it does I know I will feel againI'm outside in the coldIt's time to say another prayer or twoBut then prayers won't do,And the stars just won't sho
Andrew Howard · 2238 days ago

He wakes up everyday,Tired and broken everydayCause he's lost all his faithHe's burning his time awayCombusting his dreams awayAnd now that he's losing faith,His heart is scarce on strength,To face the truthThe stories never true for himHe's gonna lose,Sig
Andrew Howard · 2239 days ago

Still staying up all night trying to find the knife that you left behind my backI'm back to nowhereIs there anybody out there?Please! Listen to me...I'm talking to myself now, and how, oh how could I talk myself out and leave?Just leave my dream?Don't want
Andrew Howard · 2239 days ago

I don't wanna leave but I can't stay here longI've got selfish needs who don't care what I wantI guess I'll leave hereWhy am I leaving you behind?Why do I kill two hearts of mine?It's not the sameWe grew apart and I'm the blameI know you're lost right now.
Andrew Howard · 2239 days ago

Oh your smileI'm in need for your smileI miss it everydayAnd I get tired of playing your games, I don't know how to playNow see I'm a boyDon't see me as your toyI'm hurting everydayNever get tired of seeing your face, although you have me sayI'm lostI'm dy
Andrew Howard · 2239 days ago

I can't believe my eyes are closing so soon just to see youOkay love, can't you see all the positive, encouraging words I speak?And when I'm feeling down and out I could see gleaming eyes look back at meYou're an angel here on Earth,You cause my breath to
Andrew Howard · 2239 days ago