Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

Don't waste your time, don't look awayJust let me feel your lips upon my face...Please hold me down, I'll float awayCause when I'm with you, Doll, I get so lost in spaceAnd when I fall from space, those deep blue eyesThey got me lost at seaThey got me hypn
Andrew Howard · 1902 days ago

I don't feel numb, I just don't feel at allAnd I'm all aloneI'm just finding myself on my own,Cause I've grown into a beastAnd I feast on the drugs and the love that I never returnAnd the new me looks in the mirror and I see what I fear in my dreams,The mo
Andrew Howard · 1902 days ago

If I don't leave tomorrow,I'll never know what is wrongWhy am I just living like a dog?When I met you in my car last night,We talked about our livesAnd my last kiss to you will say, "Goodbye..."And O!The tragedy of us...I got tons of luck but it's not fun,
Andrew Howard · 1902 days ago