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I take a shot for youand everything we didand everything we once was and our relationship.Everything was straight when we first started datingnever thought id see the day when its both our hearts breakingSo I'm, drinking every weekendspeaking so pedantssta
leah hill · 2116 days ago

I know its hard to see what I seereaching out to no one wondering where I will be10 years from now will I be on the groundor will I be on stage performing my lyrics that will be sound.will the world become a better place 50 years from now?will jobs become
leah hill · 2116 days ago

I resent the job centre for making me redundantwhen I was 3 months pregnant with no way to fund emI resent to the peopleleft on the streets where its cold and evilmy heart goes out to all those young mumsdoing anything so she can feed her sonsall these kid
leah hill · 2116 days ago