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 A Piece Of the Pie Verse: Well I broke down and bought me a new Cadillac fine leather seats in which I could relax Then I hit the highway with a dollar and change and a few broken dreams I won't try to explain I was in Memphis when that check bounced an
Stanfield Major · 1004 days ago

 Avocado Toast It was late and I'd had too much to drink; somehow I ended up in an all-night skating rink... remembering how on a night long gone I skated in the moonlight out across a frozen pond. So I sat down, put on the rented roller blades, then I s
Stanfield Major · 1004 days ago

  Verse 1: Down by the seashore I found a shell and I was alone when I put it next to my ear I closed my eyes and I traveled somewhere and when my eyes opened you stood so near Verse 2 A deal with a genie must have been made a vision of beauty was someho
Stanfield Major · 1353 days ago

 Standing Rock Chorus: I may be a white man but I stand with Standing Rock rock solid till we win 'cause if we don't win then everything is lost Verse 1: They're tryin' to shove a pipeline deep as they can go across the native nations down to the Gulf o
Stanfield Major · 1380 days ago

Chorus: Annie's guitarhow she made it ringwe'd gather around herand how we would singdown to the dawnthat last fading starthat's how I rememberAnnie's guitar Verse 1: She seemed like anyone when we met on the street a nice older lady so calm and discreet
Stanfield Major · 1430 days ago

Part 1: When you're a young man time rolls on forever you refuse to believe it'll come to an end but the days keep on passin' till you stand in the twilight and wait for the darkness to fin'lly descend Part 2: And you look at your life and you wonder what
Stanfield Major · 1464 days ago

Verse 1: We started talking down at the market. It was easy to read between the lines. She asked me if I’d like a cup of coffee. I’m not a fool so I said, “Fine.” Verse 2: She didn’t lie. She told me all about you. More than I’d ever want to know. When I
Stanfield Major · 1465 days ago