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[Intro] No matter if you're young, No matter if you've grown You'll always be afraid, Afraid of the unknown. [Verse] When your day feels like night And you run out of air I will show you the light I will show you it's there [Verse] Just forget about your
Michael Mel · 1334 days ago

[Intro] I love her more than anything Oh, even when she cries But when she does I feel like The sun will never rise [Verse] There's so much curiosity In those big brown eyes She has a sweet voice and A mouth that never lies She is so damn beautiful Oh, ev
Michael Mel · 1334 days ago

Wish I had What I desire In my heart A burning fire Wish it was Simple and easy Something's wrong I'm feeling dizzy Money and fame To be more brave We're prisoners Of what we crave Finding love that Never expires Let's break free No more desires Wish th
Michael Mel · 1334 days ago