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Verse 1 Another restless night, I can't sleep Same old nightmare There's a road going in, But I can't get through Tossing and turning I see Desolate factories, Faceless windows haunt me Once places so full of life Until they sold us out Until they sold us
Patricia Kigilcim · 1383 days ago

Verse 1 How can we get there, to this beautiful place We're two people, heading in different directions Why are we moving, at such a slow pace When I reach out for you, Why do you falter? So much to do and change Things for the good Remember we said , Toge
Patricia Kigilcim · 1384 days ago

Collaboration with Michael Langan.  We have a beautiful song here, but we are missing that vocal magic to complete it.  We are appealing for vocalists (male and female if possible as the song is a duet)  Please contact Michael Langan if interested.  Verse
Patricia Kigilcim · 1504 days ago

Verse 1 As I walk on down this street My heart still skips a beat I feel as I did back then Verse 2 I smile as I recall The wonder of it all Those innocent, carefree days CHORUS Memories of young love Tell the story of you and I Wondrous kisses in the dar
Patricia Kigilcim · 1532 days ago

Verse1 Tic-toc, tic-tic toc Boy, you're on my mind Tic-toc, tic-tic, toc Boy, you're in my sights Tic-toc, tic-tic toc It's just a matter of time..... Before you're mine, mine, mine.... CHORUS Let's see how fast, you can run, run, I'm having so much fun, f
Patricia Kigilcim · 1591 days ago

Verse1 Hey, Back in the day when life was gay I bet you were the man Strut your stuff, hear them say There goes the man Dark and fine, babes in line You'd take your pick, spend your time There goes the man, there goes the man CHORUS With a twinkle in your
Patricia Kigilcim · 1592 days ago

Verse 1 Oh, I bet, she makes you moan with pleasure Gives you what you want, whenever No questions asked Young flesh, Every touch Feels like heaven I hope  you, never, get enough CHORUS Don't remember me,  I won't remember you Don't look back, on the good
Patricia Kigilcim · 1594 days ago

Verse 1 Strange, I never wanted you Strange, seems, I'm stuck with you Strange, I never get enough of you Tell me, what's a girl to do? CHORUS Boy, I hate all you do You push my buttons You exasperate me It drives me cra-azy How you play, play me Boy, I ha
Patricia Kigilcim · 1594 days ago

Verse 1  It's not easy being a woman With so much to do, And so little time There's too much expected of you I try and I try but In reality, perfect is hard to master CHORUS Jeans and t-shirt That's as glam as it gets Can't cook, can't bake I hate that thi
Patricia Kigilcim · 1594 days ago