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I see myself in the mirror on the wall I`m standing on a cliff I`m about to fall I reach out my hands hoping you`d catch me Before I fall down to the deepest of the seas   So leave a light out I`m coming home You know I can`t do this on my own Leave a ligh
Andreas Holm · 263 days ago

Never thought there would come a day Where I didn’t know which words to say Never thought I would be standing here Looking at you slowly disappear Tell me what`s on your mind Oh do we still have enough time When you say that you`re fine I can see through y
Andreas Holm · 265 days ago

Sometimes I wish, I would just die Take one last breath and close my eyes Sometimes I wish, I could go back in time Make sure I never had to live this life     I`m broken on the inside but I feel aint nobody notice Wondering what I must have done to ever d
Andreas Holm · 265 days ago