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Twenty is an ice-storm,I am coated.Solid and stuck,I was.Twenty is findingmy boots are too heavy,struggling and strained,I was.Twenty's forgettingto light my own candle,dreamless and dark,I was.And twenty remembersall former transgressions,bitter and broke
Lizzie McLain · 264 days ago

if i was made offire, would you burn yourself tograb onto my soul?if all the world waswater, how long would you holdmy gaze, lungs burning?when all we've becomeis ash in the wind, will yourdust remember mine?and when we are buttrees, gnarled deep in mud, w
Lizzie McLain · 264 days ago

I don't want to changeall the turns I didn't takeStones skipping pastthe watershed break;a kiss in the snowis just a fork in the roadat twenty.Do you press your backto the wall the same time as mine?Do you play cat's cradlewith our string theories intertwi
Lizzie McLain · 264 days ago