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Wastrel’s Lament © Harris Tobias There isn’t much a man can do To tell the world he’s here Maybe write a song or two Or cry into his beer I find the world a bitter place That cuts a man no slack It either spits right in your face Or stabs you in the back
Harris Tobias · 1801 days ago

Tools of the Trade © Harris Tobias   She said come on baby now don’t be afraid And slipped her hand into mine Then she explained how she had to get paid But you know we'll have a good time   I stammered and blustered, I guess I was shy I was looking for so
Harris Tobias · 1801 days ago

The Story of Alison Cray © Harris Tobias Now this here’s the story of Alison Cray And how her true love Dan Martin did slay Twas down in the hollow on the 13th of June In the light of the stars, in the dark of the moon Forgive me my true love this
Harris Tobias · 1801 days ago