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Your Presence is Our Passion Lord Your presence is our passion and we need you in this placeFor we long for Your sweetness and to feel Your embrace!So we stand in Your honor and sing praises from the earthWe will worship You forever for Your endless love a
Stan Simons · 1022 days ago

A Love Everyone Needs I heard about Jesus, a long time agoBut He was someone that I didn't knowI'd read the stories and heard all the factsBut deep in my spirit there was something I lacked Then one day while striving, with my secret sinHe knocked on my he
Stan Simons · 1023 days ago

Come Down King of Victory! I traveled far to find You in this placeFor no one knows Your plansWe feel through life so gradually There's much that we don't understand But when You choose to reveal YourselfThere's wonders in Your waysWe discover gleams of gl
Stan Simons · 1024 days ago

That's How Long We'll Sing There's an atmosphere in heavenUnlike any other known Where the object of the worship Is seated on a throneWhere angels without numberAnd saints proclaim His praiseAnd the darling of the agesIs forever on display! King of kings,
Stan Simons · 1024 days ago

Clean There are so many reasonsWhy we should praise the LordFor He's full of tender merciesAnd that our prayers are heardBut there's one special reason That makes me want to singFor He has washed our sin awayAnd declared that we are clean! We're clean! We'
Stan Simons · 1024 days ago

Innocence Met Guilty Innocence met guiltyOn the road of life one dayBut one of them were changedBefore they went their waysSomething horrible happenedSomething dreadful cameFor innocence lost her purityAnd walked away lame Does this bring a remembrance?Doe
Stan Simons · 1024 days ago

Our God is a God of His Word Our fathers bore witness in days of oldWrote accounts of all God did And how their hearts were stirredSometimes they failed to please HimSometimes they got it rightBut He always showed themThat it's futile to fightCause God is
Stan Simons · 1024 days ago

When I Awake in the Morning When I awake in the morning I'll be wholeWhen I awake in the morning I'll be wholeI'll be free once again for I'll be with HimWhen I awake in the morning I'll be whole! When I awake in the morning I will knowWhen I awake in the
Stan Simons · 1024 days ago

Somebody Caught Me(Jimmy Swaggart style song) My life was sinking and out of controlI was losing the battle to keep my own soulI thought I was living like everyone elseAnd felt I could make it all by myself The hole in my heart I worked hard to fillBut ple
Stan Simons · 1024 days ago

Fresh Anointing I heard Your Spirit move oh LordDown in Baton RougeAnd it stirred me deep withinTill I longed for it too!You said these days would surely comeWhen man's evil would grow greatBut I know You'll soon return Lord...And that You're never late! I
Stan Simons · 1024 days ago
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