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Red swirling spirals, Licked a blue canvas sky, Liquids welled and swelled in clouds, Beneath a brow cried, I love you, I lied, And sunshine spilled its sticky orange dew, Drizzled on rainbow, Even scarlett too, Heaven knows what moons been through,  Still
Leon Staley · 10 hours ago

Verse 1 Still I go back, I go back to her, To remember my smile, If only for a day, Or a little while, And I try my best to love her, And do my best to care, Feel the coldness from her shoulder, How can I hold something that's not there, Now our bodies are
Leon Staley · 11 hours ago

Verse 1 When your nearing next to me, Don't hesitate and expect to be, Protected and forever you'll be mine, I will always put you first, Never procrastinate or make you wait, Way back....  Once upon a time. Verse 2 Staring through these realms of love, Fo
Leon Staley · 11 hours ago

Verse 1 Lonely summer daze, I'm so tired, Of all the game we played,  Resting in the shade, Of a shadow,  As the evening fades.... Chorus Time reaps havoc on my memory,  To think of how we used to be, Let me forget let me rest my eyes, And dream of better
Leon Staley · 2 days ago

Intro Our life dreams un-happened, Flow now like nightmares  From that bucket To your grave Verse1 With a bucket alone You'll never fix this leak I forgave you with words That my heart could not speak Now you just lay there While your bucket fills But when
Leon Staley · 2 days ago

Intro Oh blue sky day Certainly looks like rain tomorrow  Sunshine smiled and slipped away Let's me know that it's time Let's me know that it's fine To let go.... Verse I have a little think from time to time This time I'll think my self sober  Just like c
Leon Staley · 2 days ago

Verse 1 Morning dear, Art thou awake, Now sleep is broke, Can morning break, Did I hold thee in thy dream, So close that nothing came between, And did you wake to find me gone, Disappeared and parted from, Your naked warmth I've learned to miss, The good n
Leon Staley · 2 days ago

Intro I want you, I want you, I want you, Rise up from the bed where you lay, I'd tare out a page from the holiest book, And wipe all your make up away, I'd weep for the truth of your beauty, And for the beautiful truth I shall weep, Cause never before, ha
Leon Staley · 2 days ago

[Hook]I'm lonely but not alone I'm homesick but I don't have a homeI'm searching for something I don't want to findI'm looking for ideas but I've already lost my mind [Verse 1]I'm a messI'm obsessed I alway fuck it upBut I always try my best I'm looking fo
Kozo Pinkwillow · 9 days ago

[Verse 1]Walking down an empty streetI feel your hand reaching for meI don't think you'll ever knowHow much of my heart this hand holdsOne umbrella for two bodiesI feel you leaning into meI don't think you'll ever seeWhat moments like this mean to me [Chor
Kozo Pinkwillow · 10 days ago
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