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trouble man

(trouble man)

you're a trouble man

you got a double strand

of cockiness  when you were born

you got up and ran

to make your mama cry

you haven't slowed down since

and I don't know why

I let you keep me in suspense

you're always in a fight

with someone all over me

and think it's all right

because like some Ali

you think you got the greatest

hands alive

although I really hate it

couldn't leave you if I tried

but you're a trouble man


you walk like trouble

you talk like trouble

you make enemies everywhere you go

you treat everybody

like you think you're john Gotti

'cept for me

you treat me like you love me so

2nd verse

but you're a trouble man

and you worry me more

every time I see you

walk out of the door

I never know if you're coming back

even when you're not looking

trouble's always in your path

even for me

you never walk away

every trouble man

meets his match one day

I know

oh I know


thomas cee · 974 days ago
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trouble man