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sunrise eyes

Sunrise Eyes

Half past five on a Saturday morning,

It’s a frozen February outside and barely any light is coming through the bedroom curtains.

I half awoke and turned towards you,

Darkly my hand groped out and my fingertips lightly caress you and tell me you are asleep.

I stared and imperceptibly the light showed me your sleeping face.

I watched your slow breathing,

I scanned every feature and shape,

Your cute nose that you think is wrong,

Well I saw only sexy slim flared nostrils and a cute nose end I love to plant a kiss on.

I traced the shape of your lips with my eyes,

That full bottom lip I loved to bite in our hot wet kissing only late last night.

Those delicate small ears that love a nibble were there somewhere but somehow hidden,

Your hair was spiky and scarecrow wild, kind of sexy in a post passion kind of fashion, even though that was now hours ago.

I watched and waited as the sun rose,

Until it slowly happened.

Your eyes began to open and you smiled with those sunrise eyes.

                                                Alfonso Jack.  February 2017.

alfonso jack · 1839 days ago
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sunrise eyes