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pretty little nightmarez (broken dreamland)

Time for boys to go to their beds

Time for girls to rest their heads

Listen to my broken… lullaby

Hear the whispers and the shrieks...

Naughty children never should speak

Zip your lip and close your eyes

Time for you to go to sleep


My nightmares are beautiful, my dreams cause pain

I wanna hear all your screams in the rain

I'm broken and bruised and i know it’s insane

But i want to hear all y’all just scream out my name

All of the kids, Asleep in their beds

Subconsciously anxious, removing their heads

The white sheets red

The bloodstained bed

The meek and the innocent just hurt instead

The baby blues and pinks you see

They fuel this haunted melody

And now it’s time for me to awaken… the darkest deepest parts of your dreams


*clears throat*

Good evening, you’re listening to “Shh, Time for sweet nightmares” the podcast.

Welcome to the dreamworld and time for a b-b-brief intermission… … … 

Intermission over *voice gets static* time for bed

Sweet nightmares kids


cozYnot productions · 807 days ago
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pretty little nightmarez (broken dreamland)