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Lovestorm by David Ruzicka 5/1/2019 (402)292-2844

Intro (Tornado Siren going off, followed by Honky-tonk style piano, drums, then guitars)

There's a lady at the bar

With some lipstick and perfume

Don't let her know you're watchin'

Or she'll make a move on you

She's got a killer body

And a man-eater smile

When she gets her hands on you

Things are goin' to get wild

If you let her take you home

Boy, you better hold on tight

She's lightnin' in a bottle

And she'll blind you with the light


You'll get caught in a lovestorm

And she'll take you for a ride

When you're caught in a lovestorm

You'll be lucky to survive

Run away from a lovestorm

If you know what's good for you

Don't fall into a lovestorm

It'll be the end of you

(Brief instrumental bridge - steel guitar) daaa – daaa - daaa

When she's got you in her arms

And she's holding you so tight

She'll shower you with kisses

And make love to you all night

Boy, you better keep your wits

No, don't fall for her delights

Call out the search and rescue

'Cause she's got you in her sights

If you let her take you home

You'd better leave before light

If you're with her after dawn

She'll make a wreck of your life

Repeat Chorus


She's pretty, but she's trouble

You'd better run on the double

Don't fall in love with her

Or you'll regret it for sure

That's why they call her – a lovestorm

Repeat Chorus

Don't fall into a lovestorm (background vocalists ooo – ooo) (3 times all)

Don't fall

(End Do – Do – dee – dee - dee)

David Ruzicka · 1283 days ago
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