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exist with men

I don’t know what I’m gonna do

He looks like someone I knew

That someone I don’t want to

Ever know again

It’s funny it’s so strange

How so many men look the same

How so many men walk the same

Talk the same

Cop the same attitude

Everything I can’t resist in them

Is everything I can’t exist with men

2nd verse

I know there has to be

Some kind of variety

But I only attract one type it seems

Is it them or is it me

Every thing I can’t resist in them

Is everything I can’t exist with men

Musical break


I know if he’s bossy now  he’s gonna be bossier later on

And if he’s dodgy now he’s gonna be later and later coming home

Musical break


Knew what you was gonna say

before you opened your mouth

But you still turned me out

with the complete turnabout

Wasn’t looking at you

But you still chasing me

Like you already knew

Like some kind of mental telepathy

You know what I like

You got me bagged and tagged

I’m addicted to your type

Addicted to your swag

Hope springs eternal

Fidelity’s nocturnal

I know you probably won’t be

So I’m clocking the journal

Like doomsday

awaiting the catastrophe

The big bang

You’re too much like the prototype

To be the doppelganger

So the story remains the same

The plot don’t change

I get joy I get pain

You get gone

Say my name



thomas cee · 1284 days ago
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exist with men