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baby aint got no heart


Hard to believe she’s the same

Woman who would do anything

For me she could to please

I tell y’all

She would get down on her knees

And say honey do you like it

Am I doing it right

Now she’s making all night… hang up calls

And scratching my car up with her keys


Baby aint got no heart

Baby aint got no soul

It’s over now

In her big pay back

Baby aint got no control

2nd verse

They say it’s a thin line

Be careful today what you take

Cuz the more that’s giving into love…  sometimes when it’s over

The more that’s given into hate

She cut up all my suits and ties

Threw my record collection away

She calls up on my job and lies and then she cries

She even bust shots at me one day


Baby aint got no heart

Baby aint got no soul

I’m sitting scared in the dark

Baby aint got no control

3rd part (spoken)  woman crying in back ground while singer speaks

Girl I know the hook on this song is wrong

If anybody has a heart it’s you

If anybody has a soul  you  do

 you would always tell me that you loved me

with your whole heart body and soul

even then I wished you woulda stopped

cuz you aint supposed to love nothing that much girl

but almighty god

that’s the only thing that won’t turn sour from sweetness

won’t let you down out of  weakness

no man ever loved a woman the way I loved you

but I still did that lowdown thing that men do.

You were in heaven and thought it was forever

I was in heaven and thought there was something better

I know you want us back together

I wish I could tell you everything you wanna hear

But I know what you really need I can never give

Cuz it’s not the kind of thing that you can lose

And ever get back.

The best thing I can give you now is freedom

I didn’t deserve you

And you didn’t deserve me

So I’ma just hold out

And let you get all the pain and anger out

That man for you out there

Is a lucky mf

Cuz he’s going get that no holds barred kind of love

That kind of love that when you cherish and appreciate it

Is that whole soul kind of love


thomas cee · 886 days ago
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baby aint got no heart