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You're here to stay

The world and it’s troubles
Keeps rolling on and on
From the break of dawn
To the setting sun

We’ve got all our worries
Locked down deep inside
Reflections reconsidered
Then redifined

It’s not like you
Can just walk away
The road is so long
And hard to take

Try leave it some behind
For a different day
Cause as long as you’re here
You're here to stay

Sometimes you carry too much
On your shoulders
Every step you take
you feel a little older
You can’t do it all on your own
Sometimes you have to try and leave it alone

Sometimes the heavy weight resting
On your back
Reaches a point
Where you think you’ll crack
There’s only so much you can take yourself
Sometimes you’ve got to give it to someone else

Looking out the window
At the pouring rain
Like tears on the pavement
Trying wash away the pain

too many lonely faces
Lost inside the crowd
Hide behind a wall of silence
Without making a sound

Ian Clark · 930 days ago
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11.07.2019 (930 days ago)
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You're here to stay