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You're My Heaven


I remember how it was

When we first met

We were both in college

I'll never forget

I saw you across the hallway at school

I was scared to talk, but you made it cool

There was electricity in the air

I knew it was love right then and there

Once in a lifetime - you might find someone

Who with just one look - can capture your heart

You taste her lips - and get lost in her eyes

She's the closest thing to heaven on earth


Heaven - You can take away my blues

Heaven - I'll always be good to you

Heaven - You're the one I'm dreaming of

Heaven - You're the angel that I love

(Brief instrumental transition)

Without you by my side - I'll lose my way

Time could never take my heart's pain away

As we walk hand in hand - I promise you

The strength of my love will always be true

(Repeat chorus)

(Extended Instrumental)

We won't let this old world - tear us apart

I know you're never - gonna break my heart

When we're together - building memories

Ev'ryone that we know - will surely see

Heaven - We're gonna laugh and have fun

Heaven - We're gonna play in the sun

Heaven - When our time on earth is through

Heaven - I want to be there with you

(brief instrumental)

You're my heaven (four times)

David Ruzicka · 526 days ago
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You're My Heaven