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You don't know me

You've caused the wiring in my head
To be well and truly crossed
The programme I've been running
Has been well and truly lost

Tongue tied and twisted
Pulled back and resisted
My need to turn you down

You came along with your plastic smile
And threw away the plot
Instead of taking forward steps
I'm still standing on the spot

You cradled my affection
Before enduring your inspection
You tried to drag me down

You filled up the contents of my mouth
Chewed them up and spat them out
But you don't know me

You split the seconds of my life
Told me what to read and write
But you don't know me

You never know what goes on in my brain
I could be normal, I could be insane
Cause you don't know me

You will never see what I see through my eyes
I could tell the truth or I could be telling lies
Cause you don't know me
You don't know me

Ian Clark · 320 days ago
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11.13.2019 (320 days ago)
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You don't know me