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You Homeless Hummingbird

Having one more chance to begin again

is your sincere hope, my homeless friend.

As you’re wandering on the streets

unsatisfied with any place to be.


How I’ve escaped your place I call amazing grace.

Your desire to be alone is not much different than my own


Are you a little hummingbird 

who's floating in the air

picking branches you can land upon

none will keep you there, for long.

Just as you’re gone you reappear 

to break the rules in your way.

It’s your favorite game to play.


Each daybreak is your opening act

time to pack it up, pick up and pack.

Sure not to pack up any more 

than you'll lug ‘round on your back.


The more time you spend perfecting stealth

the more you’ll be afraid of yourself.


The wind blows where it’s bound we all hear the sound

but cannot tell where it will go or tell from where it’s been.

So is everyone in spirit who’s been born again.

may fortune favor you, my aimless friend. 


The places that you choose to stay change location day by day.

May your homeless habits wake to wander along their way.

What matters most are things without end. 

You’re the point of my prayer, a joy my heart can bear, my good friend. 


There are times when I can’t tell whose life is yours or mine,

it doesn’t matter either way.

The substance of our hope, the proof of the unseen,

the faith we’re hauling in lifts our anchors aweigh.


You keep secrets within that you make up now and then

So I will never ask how you’ve been.

I’ll wish you a good day and a brighter tomorrow

may fortune favor you, my aimless friend. 

Dutch Knickerbocker · 310 days ago
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You Homeless Hummingbird