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You Had Me (2012)

I thought I knew what you were all about

You had me hooked from the very start

You know how they say looks can be deceiving?

Well, shame on me for foolishly believing

That all this pain would pay off in the end

But clearly that wasn’t the case and here I stand



Why am I waiting for you to come around?

My heart is aching while you’re nowhere to be found

Pretending not to care gets harder everyday

And I’ve had enough so this is what I have to say



You had me; you had my heart in your hands

You crushed me, and then you walked right out again

I keep trying to understand why you’re pushing me away

But I’m done now, coz you clearly don’t want me to stay


I reread all your messages like a bedtime story

Holding back my tears, trying not to feel lonely

Broken promises again and again

I let you in; I’m the one to blame

You build my hopes up just to tear them down again


Repeat pre-chorus and chorus



If you opened up your heart

You would see how much I’m hurting

But I guess I don’t matter as much as I hoped I did

Wishful thinking always has me on my knees

Would someone release me from this madness please?


Repeat pre-chorus and chorus


Repeat chorus


You had me; you knew that, you knew that, oh

And yet you still tore me apart.

Lynn Goh · 1079 days ago
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You Had Me (2012)