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Yankee Hollow Road

Lay down in the grass fall asleep in the shade

Right along the river bank where the butterflies play

Cows in the pasture lying in the sun

Took my cane pole down where the clean water runs

Willow tree by the river branches touching down

Jump in for a swim best place around

Wrap up my cane pole got some today

Get on home for supper I wish that I could stay



There’ll be another time

I really wanna go

I wanna take a walk

Down Yankee Hollow Road


Been a long time since I remember when

We’d play baseball in the pasture till time for bed

Work was always there with something to do

Reminded of that each day before we’re through

A new day dawns and we’re finished when we’re done

Making hay while the sun shines having fun

But life led me on so far away

Thinking back now all I have to say

cpyrt. 2020 - P.K.Hanson

Paul Hanson · 214 days ago
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Yankee Hollow Road