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Wraith of Shade

A natural process to provide insulation
I take the job as your personal "reaction formation"  
Always in shadow and immune to the grim
I will safeguard your life like my own phantom limb  

I'll be your Wraith of Shade
To keep you safe from harm
While my appearances may fade
I'll still be there to stop alarm  

They had me escorted from the presence of good
But I promise it's only they're misunderstood  
I'm severed from social and from normal defected
But from darkness I promise you'll be forever protected  

I'll be your Wraith of Shade
You're the one I'm watching over
I'm a hardened stainless blade
Your tortured four-leaf clover  

A guardian apparition is how I remain
To eradicate danger and eliminate pain  
I keep away demons and evil hellion devils
My protection charms useful on so many levels  

I'll be your Wraith of Shade
With me you can't go wrong
When your views on life are swayed
I'll eternally keep you strong  

I'll be your Wraith of Shade
Your secret Wraith of Shade
Your exclusive Wraith of Shade

Brent Johnson · 28 days ago
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Wraith of Shade