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Would You Come, Love

She wanted just to live her life
Like she had some day imagined
But looking for paradise is hard
As probably everyone noticed
She fought with herself and most of the world
Afraid to fall in depression
She dreamed of being a woman of change
That everybody would mention

And she would like to sing and dance in the flames
And somehow she would like to change the world

Alone in her room she's singing

Love, would you come and find me my place
Cause I am lost and just craving some space
Love, will you give me a sense to be strong
So I could tell out the world all my thoughts

She has a dream of love and respect
She's in need of saying something important
She still believes that dreams can be real
And she is still looking forward
Caring for future, forgetting the past
She's trying to move things into rush
Believing in magic and listening to her heart
She's gonna make people follow her

Ewa Byro · 757 days ago
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Would You Come, Love