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Where The Light Is

Keep me where the light is

in the brightness in your eyes.

Let me be there when you're laughing

Let me hold you when you cry.

And through the ups and all the downs,

and in those dark moonless nights.

When I'm fallen, shaking on the ground,

with no hope in sight.

You make me want to get up!

You make me want to fight!

Cause I know that no sorrow

can dim the brightness in your eyes.

Keep me where the light is

in those bright fleeting smiles.

Teach me how you're laughing 

when faced with life's trials.

Through the darkness, in the chaos

where many lost their way

When my candle's almost blown out

when I've lost my faith.

You'll be my prayer!

You'll be my break of day!

Cause the light's where your smile is,

and that's where I'll stay.

Keep me where the light is

away from these shadows

Cause only in your brightness

My darkness can't grow.

When I looked at your face

I never could lie

YOU never ran from me

And i never asked why

You love me the same 

Though you saw my worst side

No matter how I pushed,

You never did hide.

And there soon came a time,

When i couldn't be in the dark all alone

Cause when I felt your brightness

I was finally home.

So keep me where the light is,

 In the brightness you are

Cause if that brightness ever faded

I'll be lost to the dark.

Shruthi Ranganathan · 1308 days ago
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Where The Light Is