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Where Poppies Blow

where poppies blow
between the rows
of soldiers gone to war
and down below
there’s no one knows
what all of it was for
what was before
is now no more
and ever it be so
behind locked doors
let silence roar
but not where poppies grow
not where the poppies grow

where poppies blow
and moonlight glows
among the heavens high
here sadness flows
yet even though
none claim a reason why
the seasons die
and years pass by
and memories let go
now no one cries
or prays goodbye
on lands where poppies grow
yet there the poppies grow

    I am here and here I stay
    for now my time has passed away
    I lived both dawn and setting sun
    I loved, was loved, but love is done
    where once were tears now no one cries
    so here I lie
    where poppies blow

where poppies blow
time marches slow
for lives away we throw
to each of those
a debt we owe
but dare not let it show
our past of woe
becomes our foe
like sins of long ago
we all say no
so no one goes
to there where poppies grow
not where the poppies grow

Ron Gray · 141 days ago
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05.07.2020 (141 days ago)
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Where Poppies Blow