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When You're Beside Me

I like to walk into the sun 

When I find just what I'm looking for I come right down and join everyone.

You button me up when I come undone.

yes I found you just in time to replace the missing wine in my cup

When you're beside me girl there is nothing in this world that can bring me back to land. 

When you look at me there's no place I'd rather be I'm a prisoner where I stand.

When I get lost, You know what to say.

You're the lifeline when I fall. You're the answer to my call night and day. 

I go away and I return

And you are there.

I feel your skin I see your smile I smell your hair. 

You warm my heart. You touch my soul. You make me right. 

When it gets dark, you help me see right through the night. lead the way.

You are the one there's no one else

You make my day


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Jason Ferguson · 142 days ago
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When You're Beside Me