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What's in it for you

Didn’t think I was perfect
Never said I was
I’ll be making mistakes
For the rest of my life

Never thought I was special
Always hoped I was
Its takes me so long
For my eyes to see the light

Long forgotten dreams
Torn apart at the seams
Float to the bottom
Of a shipwrecked sea

Lonely built up hopes
Slip and slide down a rope
They wait at the bottom
Trying to break free

Time keeps us moving
To the edge of our seat
To keep on proving
We can try something new

Second by second
Is just a minute away
Ask youself the question
What is it you want to do

Hour by Hour
Blends into the day
Can you find an answer
Whats in it for you
Whats in it for you

By the your minds made up
Its running out of favour
You’ve turned the whole thing round
Into an afterthought

Out comes the mood swing
Which goes and lose the flavour
You long to live the moment
But you know it can’t be caught

Ian Clark · 320 days ago
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11.07.2019 (320 days ago)
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What's in it for you