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What happened to love

In these silent times
Where no one hears a noise
No one opens their mouths
Cause we’ve all lost our voice 

In these violent times
When we all lose our heads
Battle plans get drawn
To leave us all for dead 

In these vacant days
No one wants to knows your name
We're lost inside the crowd
Faces all look the same

In these darkened days
We choose to look the other way
No one makes no sense at all
Shadows slowly start to fade

Into the background
Behind the wall
No one sees you
You can stay so small

What happened to love
Where did it all go
Who pulled down the curtain
On the final show

What happened to  love
Where does it hide
Who pulled the wool 
Over our eyes

No one losing 
No one winning
No happy ending 
No new beginning

What happened to love
When it came to stay
Who pulled the plug
To let it run away

What happened to love
Did you press delete
Who pulled the rug 
From under your feet

treading fine lines
What’s real and fake
The more you think you have it all
The less you have to take

Caught in a crossfire
Between weird and strange
The more you go looking for love
The less it flows your way 

Ian Clark · 294 days ago
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12.05.2019 (294 days ago)
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What happened to love