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What If?

Joel Lerner Copyright 11-18-99




I took you to the heights

You dropped me off a cliff

And lately I've been asking myself

Baby what if?


What if I treated you even better?

What if I bought you more furs and gems?

Would you have stayed with me?

Or would you of still wound up with him?


I haven't been sleeping well at night

I wake up in a cold, cold sweat

Wondering how you could have left me

For a man that you just met


Is he a better lover?

Does he say things you want to hear?

How can he make you feel the way I do

When I hold you near?


What if we could go back in time

And reverse things that were said?

What if we could forget the past

And look towards the future instead?


Girl, give me a chance to rekindle our romance

Think about the good times that we've had

I did my best to make you happy

But you made me feel so sad


What if he up and leaves you?

Have you thought about that?

What if you wake to find he's left and he won't be back?

Would you hunger for my caress?

Would you long for my kiss?

Would you realize that what we had

Was as close as you've come to bliss?

Baby, what if?

Baby, what if?


(Talk It) Baby, what if?

Joel Lerner · 851 days ago
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What If?