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Wednesday Night

I’ll tell you the story of where I’m really from

Cos I like to start with something I can’t get wrong

There’s three pubs and free will with a church up on a hill

But no angels come by and I doubt they ever will

The one town you’d heard of is simply a joke

That smells of failure and cigarette smoke

They’ve built 1000 homes on a field beside my own

But I made my way out without being known

You’ll never find a bus and the train’s always late

Like the rest of the world thinks it’s fine just to stay

Then I made a plan that started with a band

And a couple of songs about a one-night stand

Then I had to go to a city I didn’t know

So I could get kids to where they wanna go

I’ll never see why it takes a degree

To teach 30 kids how not to be me


So I’m a student and I’m labelled you see

As someone who can’t tell their lips from their teeth

That’s before the line or drinking red wine

Cos it’s down that aisle that you spend most of your time

But I haven’t got the money cos dad works too hard

Whilst yours is in an office kissing somebody’s arse

He paid for your car cos gosh you’re so smart

Cos you moved county just to study modern art

But at least we’re all human and at least we can feel

Something that even science claims to be real

Some say it starts deep in your heart

But you’ve had it a few times in the back of your car

It’s the one thing that we’ll never give up

And you’ll never find it in the back of this club

Say that you need it and tell me you mean it

I’ll buy you a drink and then we’ll see how we’re feeling


I’ve seen you with that friend every Wednesday night

And you stick with her cos it makes you look alright

Spoke to you once shared a dance the other month

But desire tells me it still isn’t done

So you’re training to be a teacher like me

But you were always destined to have a degree

Cos whenever it rains you go to your dig in Spain

That dad rents to families that get their own way

I found out that you don’t have a boyfriend

And in fact your last one was in 2010

But there’s been lads you’ve invited back

You had one last week as a matter of fact

Here’s something I doubt you’ve ever seen

Cos I’ve liked you for however long it’s been

You’ve got front row seats to my gig next week

Where I’ll play you the songs I wrote about you beside me


I can’t wait til you go back to that friend

And she starts asking about the marks on your neck

‘It’s just a guy I met the other night

Who sings about me in every song he writes’

‘What’s his name?’ ‘What’s in a name?’

It’s all about the feeling you can’t contain

It’s just passion, attraction

And your smile just a welcome distraction

On the Thursday at nine I catch your eye

As you thought we’d just do it on the sly

But all the lads know about your private show

And I’ll text this new number on my phone

And say ‘I hope you don’t regret

Cos all of last night I won’t forget’

It’s not so easy to put it past me

You don’t understand how it set me free

Philip Hollamby · 1188 days ago
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Wednesday Night