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If I was strong as I should be,

I could be happy

without living a lie

and maybe somehow they could see

that I am so weak

but it doesn't matter

And when I'm weak,

no one wants to help

And when I'm weak,

I can finally be myself

All that matters is that they

see my fake face

that I use for them

so maybe, someday, they will see

that I am broken

and shouldn't fixed

And when I'm weak,

everything hurts

When I was strong,

I could hide what I felt

I'd rather live in sorrow

than to allow them

to feel my pain

Everything that I love has

gone and left me

but its okay

And when I'm weak,

I feel at peace

And when I'm weak,

it isn't me that
 you see

Michael Sanderson · 1168 days ago
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