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We the People

Simple pleasures here and now

all about who we are

we shut our lights and shutters tight

and we don’t wish upon a star.

What matters most to most is when

it comes our time to leave

knowing which end is up

and whose heart we believe.


I love to lick my lips and taste

kisses left behind.

As I recall we loved them all

playing pin your smile upon mine.

The blues will come around when

no rainbows are in sight.

It’s just so hard to sing the blues

when you’re doin’ alright.


For all your fame and fortune

you ought to shake my hand

if it weren’t for guys like me

you wouldn’t be worth a clam.

It’s us underrated ones

who stand to take the blame

without all us jamokes 

then none of you folks

would have found your claim to fame.


Dutch Knickerbocker · 297 days ago
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We the People