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Virtual reality

When your day breaks
And you’re clutching at the smallest straw
You start to wonder
What is it that you're looking for

When your game's up
And you're slowly running out of time
You feel washed up
When you hang your dreams on the line

When your mood swings
Takes you rolling down a one way track
You see no end
To a journey to hell and back

When you’re in a strange place
And feel the bubble is about to burst
You hear voices
And want to know which one will speak out first

Take what you find
Take all you need
Try living life
In virtual reality

Speak your mind
Say what you see
Try living life
in virtual reality

Where nothing hurts you
Nothing make sense
The soul you've been searching
Sits high on the fence

Free up your mind
And float downstream
There's new worlds waiting
For you to be free

Push your boat out
On your boating lake
Is it real to you
Or is it all fake

Roll your dice
And play the game
Take a chance
You’ll be glad you came

Ian Clark · 318 days ago
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11.07.2019 (318 days ago)
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Virtual reality