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Victory Freestyle
  • Chase Guap:
    Victorious, you can see us up in the sky.
    20 years old, born in the Chi.
  • Black and latino, just tryna survive.
    I’m 120lbs, and about “5’9”.
    Used to be on hold, now I got my own line.
    Used to share the spotlight, now I got my own shine.
    They used to have me on the clock, now I’m on my own time.
    Started dreaming at 7, woke up at 16.
    That’s how long it took for epiphany to hit me.
    I should be rapping, instead of all the singing.
    Instead of living in the struggle, I should be blinging.
    I should be achieving, greatness and killing tracks.
    Mad cause I took the throne, they having a heart attack.
    My life is a movie, I should be on Cinemax.
    I want it all for myself, I’m not into giving back.
    Screw you Juicy Fruit, sharing ain’t caring.
    I said look at me now, now they can’t stop staring.
    I’m a fighter, courageous, quick-witted, and daring.
    It’s Young Chicon, I run this game like errands
Chase Guap · 351 days ago
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Victory Freestyle