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Vicious Cycle

Lungs and legs

About to give out

Still pushing with a vengeance

On an incline of doubt

Not knowing or caring

Where it's all going

Or even how it might end


Can't think of anything

But the road ahead

Can't look to anyone

For understanding

Can't count on any force

But the naked tire tread

Can't make sense of a world



Wind and rain

Hold a cruel surprise

For every rough and tumble

Rolling with our demise

So fresh off the shelf in the prime of my health

Do I dare think myself any better?



Born of a vicious cycle

All vicious and mean

Living in a death spiral

The worst ever seen

Cursed heir to the prophecy

Of a doomsday fate

Delivered to extinction

Born but all too late

All too late

All too late


Out of breath

I implore all guides

In the pessimistic solitude

Of daily bike rides

And growing concerns how the world ever squirms

With its third degree burns out of this one


Land and Sea

Respond in effect

To our catastrophic arrogance,

Abuse and neglect

Can anyone born into such a shit-storm

Emerge wounded and worn out of this one?


Can't talk to anyone

Of the fear and dread

Can't fight the thought

It's borrowed time I'm spending

Can't help but pedal on

To clear my troubled head

Can't see life in a world

So fit for ending



Michael Centra · 252 days ago
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Vicious Cycle