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Unhappy ending

Unhappy ending

Right from the start
Walking down the aisle
Two lonely hearts
Behind the smiles

Love boat setting sail
For paradise
Doesn't see the rocks
When boken hearts capsize

The dye is cast
When you say I do
Too late to pass
Just follow through

The dream that changed
Your life forever more
Soon wakes the cold light
from behind the door

The honeymoon leg is over
far too fast
Weights of expectation
are soon to pass
white flags starts flying
at half mast
Till you're staring at the future
through a looking glass

all the plans have been so engaging
in the ceremony you're staging
you want the world to know about
the message of love you're sending

placing rings upon your fingers
can't hide the thoughts that start to linger
inside the fairytale you wished for
comes back with an unhappy ending

Time does it’s best
to calm the waves
You reach the point
no one can be saved
drama comes to act
out another play
To try and scrape all the gloss
from behind the decay

so you never heard the warnings
inside your head
just a leap of faith
into the blind instead

no you never saw the danger
till it was too late
just a greatest of unknowns
sitting on your plate

Ian Clark · 331 days ago
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11.01.2019 (331 days ago)
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Unhappy ending