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Two Of A Kind

TWO OF A KIND By David Ruzicka 7/31/2019

You said I was born dumb and lazy

Half of that's true, but I'm not lazy

I've been workin' hard to make you happy

Both of us know that you're just crazy

On saturday night I went too far

Singing to the jukebox like a star

You weren't going to be outdone

You got drunk and danced on the bar

We do dumb things for diff'rent reasons

We're as alike as diff'rent seasons

Yet, somehow we fit well together

And stick like glue through stormy weather


We're two halves that make a whole

Happiness is our only goal

We're there for each other when the chips are down

And miss one another when the other's not around

I'm meant for you and you are mine

But we'll never be two-of-a-kind

At times we fight like dogs and cats

'Cause you threw away my baseball caps

That's all right, I'm gonna get even

And delete your favorite apps

I'll tickle your nose with a flower

You'll flush when I'm taking a shower

You hog all the covers at night

But when we kiss, we feel the power

We mess with each other just for fun

But, for me you're the only one

There's never a boring day with you

And we can share a laugh or two

Repeat Chorus


Can you imagine a dream together

I don't know what could be any better

Repeat Chorus

No, we'll never be two of a kind

David Ruzicka · 1346 days ago
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Two Of A Kind