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Transformed My Dark To Bright

Swirling while turning amongst darkness and silence
I was always attracted to anger and violence
Constrained and blockaded, my mind ever narrow
My loneliness taking the path of the scarecrow  

It seemed as if silence was louder than ever
That the shadows would linger and stay there forever
The quicksand kept clutching and pulling me down
Collapsing around me with a deafening sound  

That's when you showed your light
You released me from the night
I no longer had to fight
You transformed my dark to bright  

I don't know what I did to deserve such a gift
But I know when you're with me, we make worlds shift
With you I can conquer the harshest of times
With you I can soar up the steepest of climbs  

I'm finally balanced and on the right path
You led me away from the caverns of wrath
Beneath all that blackness there lies a great fire
You brought out my potential to love and desire  

And you gave me your light
Released me from the night
You saved me from the fight
Transformed my dark to bright  

I can't even imagine my life without you
You've filtered the old and replaced it with new
You came to my rescue, and canceled the blue
I don't want to exist in a life without you  

You gave me your light
Replaced my wrong with right
I no longer need to fight
You transformed my dark to bright
Transformed my dark to bright

Brent Johnson · 33 days ago
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Transformed My Dark To Bright