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Today I heard our song


I was out and about today,

Just killing time,

Catching Pokemon on my phone,

When you crossed my mind,

I was puzzled by the thought,

Then all at once I knew,

The radio was on,

Playing the very first song we ever made love to,


Today I heard our song

(Echo) I heard our song,

It was hard not to sing along

Although in my heart I know,

That love has gone away,

I heard our song today,








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2nd Verse

I was out with some friends of mine,

Just killing time,

When I ran into an old friend of yours,

Who was an old friend of mine,

She asked me how you were,

I guess she didn’t know,

I just jumped in my ride,

And you’ll never believed what they played on the radio,



Even if we were to get back together,

We could never have again what we had then,

Even so,

It’s still nice to know,

I can hear it every now and then,

On the radio



Written By: David M. Stamps

Copyrighted 1996

David Stamps · 1213 days ago
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Today I heard our song