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To have and to hold

I hear your voice
Whisper in the air
Calling out my name
but you’re not there

I see your face
When I close my eyes
You’re never far away
When I open up my mind

Everywhere I seem to go
I keep a picture of you
Locked up deep inside me

I want the world to know
Wherever you are
You’re always going to find me

Cause when they made you
Someone broke the mould
I want you for myself
To have and to hold
For the rest of my life

When I first saw you
I was bought and sold
I want you all to myself
To have and to hold
Till the end of time

Like a guiding light
Shining down from above
You held out your hand
And showed me how to love

You knew how to tune
The strings of my heart
When love breaks through
We can never be apart

Ian Clark · 325 days ago
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11.06.2019 (325 days ago)
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To have and to hold