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To be there

long ago
I heard you say
I would be the only one

The one to hold
At the end of each day
When everyone else had gone

That was when
Love was true
And what we had was real

But now I know
Your love has gone
I’m waking to a distant dream

This road to paradise
Has somehow changed
More than once or twice
I felt you were out of range

You had to pay the price
in another game
You took another hearts advice
We can never be the same again

You let me down
When I needed you most
You let me down
when you closed the door
You turned me around
left me on the ground
When you were supposed

To be there
Every step of the way
Just To be there
When the skies turned grey
To be there
When light starts to fade
Just to be there
Every night and every day

To be there
Be my shining star
Just to be there
Breathe life in my heart
To be there
Never be apart
Just to be there
And stay who you are

To be there
When the sun went down
To be there
ad always be around
To be there
be my sight and sound
Just to be there
never fail to astound

To be there
Wipe away my tears
Just to be there
and take away my fears
To be there
Roll away the year
and never disappear

Ian Clark · 935 days ago
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11.06.2019 (935 days ago)
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To be there