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The land of flying water

Far away from the well-known pathways,
in the shadow of the nameless mountains,
on the banks of unexplored rivers,
invisible for sharpest gaze –
located mystic land of countless fountains,
where the water is rising up to givers.

At the beginning of time,
the world - tranquil and young.
Angels of heaven –  givers of life,
have chosen this land to sublime.
They descended down to walk among
their creations and choose a wife.

The mortal daughters of men
laid the prime – new generation of strife –
the race of mighty Nephilim arose.
The adept warriors, irrefutable in yen,
they were conquering in rife,
exposing the entire world to death throes.

The lofty children of the Fallen,
intended to subdue the sky –
to reach the immortality and might.
The One, who was by the Nephilims forgotten – 
commanded to the abyss of heaven to untie, 
and water stream obstructed the starlight.

The perfidious tribe of Nephilim defunct
had vanished from the Earth for mankind.
The only tales still keeping memory -
about defeated demons that extinct.
The haughty giants were blind –
denying pervasive God’s serenity.

That mystic land still exists – the place,
where the sinless Angels had descended.
Water – as a remnant of the Great Flood,
remember God’s grace
and rising up to Heaven - as it was intended
– saving humanity from demons blood.

Siarhei Dabravolski · 824 days ago
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The land of flying water