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The White Rider

O maiden fair, o rider white
Marvel I've never seen
You stand as tall as any man
Brightly your sword doth gleam

I've chased you here in innocence
No harm did I you mean
I only wished to know, oh why
You were there in the trees

Are you indeed a Valkyrie
Maiden of Odin's band
Have you the gift of prophecy
As well as spear in hand

I've lived here in the mountains cold
Your like I've never seen
Heed not the cries of dire-wolves
I'll drive them off, you see


Seven, seven wolves lie dead at your feet
It was more than chance our paths did meet
The Wise One it was that sent me here
To Midgard to guide your path; have no fear
I fled, ashamed, but not afraid, for there is none
Man or beast that can me harm until my task is done
More than this, I fled to judge your main
And worthy proved you this, you did not feign
Nor falter on your chase, though you afoot
And I ahorse; lo now, see the smoke and soot
That rises up from valley of darkness yon
There learn the fate of thy brothers gone
From goblin's wrath you alone to mountains flee
Odin's will, and lived, a name to make for thee
A name in which thy brothers blood shall live
But not alone go thee, receive what aid I give
Upon my horse shalt thou ride, and run afoot no more
Till Ragnarok, that day of doom, foretold of yore
Shall claim this world in battle last ere we be part
Heed, ye gods, in nameless son beats strong the hammerheart

[there is an exchange of parts in the last two verses: the hero's lines are listed in normal font, the Valkyrie's in bold, and both of them singing together bolded and italicized]

O rider white, o warrior
Forward we ride as one
And never more to part shall we
Until our task is done

[verse 6: duet]

Your path is mine, o warrior
Until your final breath
Together now we ride as one
Into Valley of Death

Isaac Lemarr · 1269 days ago
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The White Rider