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The Truth that I Love You

Verse 1
Standing in the middle, just unravelling the riddle
Won’t you stay with me a little, I’m lost in time
Resolution ever-ready, indecisions never steady
No I can’t be secondary, just want to make you mine

The essence of courage, with leaves swept away
I’m journeying forward, don’t stand in my way
No greater price to pay, it’s not hard for me to say
The truth that I love you

Verse 2
Unfolding revelation, I’ll await anticipation
With a rising elevation, I’m drawn to you
The glowing of your favour and the moments I will savour
I’m not inclined to waver, I will see this through


Your undivided time is exactly what I’m searching for
With a love to find, of the moments that we met I’m sure
Be acquainted with, the unfading love I’m bringing forth
And I’m so into you


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Geraldine Taylor · 1174 days ago
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The Truth that I Love You