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The Story of Alison Cray

The Story of Alison Cray

© Harris Tobias

Now this here’s the story of Alison Cray

And how her true love Dan Martin did slay

Twas down in the hollow on the 13th of June

In the light of the stars, in the dark of the moon

Forgive me my true love this terrible crime

But you were unfaithful all of the time

I begged you and pleaded but you wouldn’t see

If I cannot have you then neither can she

Oh mother dear mother I fear I’ve done wrong

I killed the first man to whom I belong

I stuck in my knife and I heard my love say

Why would you kill me dear Alison Cray?

Oh my dear chlld I think you must flee

For sheriff DeVillers is looking for thee

Hurry my child you must run away

They found Dan Martin’s body this very day

I’ll pack you a basket her mother did say

With food and a blanket while you run away

I won’t need a blanket, I won’t need any food

But kiss me dear mother, I’m leaving for good

Oh child, my child where will you then?

I fear that I’ll never see you again

Then Alison put on her white wedding gown

And quietly walked to the river to drown

And that is the story of Alison Cray

And how her true love Dan Martin did slay

He was a cheater and he did her wrong

And that I’m afraid is the end of my song

Harris Tobias · 1396 days ago
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The Story of Alison Cray