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The Missing Piece: Final Goodbye

Verse 1:

I've been walking

Down this road

Don't know how long

But I'm too slow

I didn't think today would be goodbye

But you decided to leave me with just a single sigh

It's clear I've got nothing left to hide

Pre-Chorus 1:

People say that their listen

But don't hear what I say

Swirls up in my head

And makes it harder to stay

Pre-Chorus 2:

How do I know where is

The right way to turn

Which one will make it

Less of a scorching burn


Because these scars never end

Won't leave me be till they burn

Every inch of my skin

Each day is their turn

When will I ever learn

You look at me

You just can't see

Where the imposter's skin begins to cease

I want to find that missing piece


So.... goodbye

Goodbye.... (Goodbye)

This is my final goodbye

(More to come)

Caitlyn Potchka · 451 days ago
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The Missing Piece: Final Goodbye