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The Last Cigarette

Envy that cigarette you're playin on your finger tips.
Envy that cigarette butt you're biting with your lips.

I know all your vain attempts, you tried quit it.
Got stressed, Got drunk and lit it.
Love is all I hoped.
But your hopelessly doped.

Rising smoke up in the air like you don't care.
Rising spirit till the Zenith like you finally dare.

What a sight to witnesses when the smoke unfolds from your mouth
Dusting the ashes to the ground.
When the deed's done, wickedly you crush it
Got dumped, got stoned, and lit it.

The mercury rises as it melts.
With every drag you pull me closer.
As I walk in they're like "Who's here?"
Think you love me less & love her more
But baby, I can get you higher, I'm pretty damn sure

Breath on my neck like I am your last godamn cigarette.
Light me up tonight, tomorrow we'll regret.

Amen Salve · 1104 days ago
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05.20.2019 (1104 days ago)
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The Last Cigarette