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The Game of Life

The Game of Life

Flicking through the scrapbook of my mind
Memories of days I've left behind
Black and white replays of all my yesterdays
Life can be so hard and so unkind

Worried that I’m older than my days
Life is but a myriad of plays
Starting with act one, too soon your time is done
Life is free but everybody pays

The game of life is played in such Bad Lands
A nowhere man with his nowhere plans
The game of life is plagued by shifting sands
Thought I held the answer in my hands

Standing at this crossroads in my life
Balanced on this jagged switchblade knife
Everywhere I’ve turned, all my bridges burned
I have known such trouble and such strife


© 18th April 2015, Bernie Gainford. Lyrics by Bernie Gainford

Bernie Gainford · 1458 days ago
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  •  Bernie Gainford: 
    The man said ‘Son I need you’
    And I said ‘what can I do?’
    And he said ‘Fight for what I believe is right
    And I will always look after you'.

    These lyrics were originally about my leaving the military after 25 years but ended up being about veterans and their struggle.
     1455 days ago 
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The Game of Life